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I dropped the moment the objects of the Battle of Normandy, to continue with the Battle of the Bulge.

lot of things forward are ground or look here and here comes some personal object model and IM

for some not very nice condition but has the merit of having lived and mainly a story!

this does not argue it is just a matter of taste!

Here are the first

a U.S. medic in the Ardennes, no helmet is not very nice but original 100/100 with accessioires medic bag, brelage Specific ......... etc.

normally the scene contained a 4 but very little therefore not possible to present all

hat soon








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a GI somewhere in the Ardennes, equipped of a coat, a parka and d for normal rain but by making better use of

Basic equipment bag, m-28, a gas mask pouch, canvas, garand belt, canteen, etc. .......... garand














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Extremely well done displays! I especially like the medic helmet, however, the hole in the top speaks of a very unhappy ending to it's owner.

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many thanks for you comment

yes mercenery its mannequin paint


sac us m-36 pow lewis y meshishnek


Pvt. Lewis Tony Meshishnek (39 175 406) - Headquarters Company; 81mm Heavy Mortar Platoon

Captured December 21, 1944 at St. Vith, Belgium

Died of illness as POW March 1, 1945 at Hohenstein, Germany (Stalag IV A at Burg Hohenstein) - Age: 40y 4m 13d

MOS: 607 - Home Town: Valley, WA - Buried at: Ardennes USMC; Neupre, Neuville-en-Condroz, Belgium; B-26-4

Photos: left provided by nephew Damond Meshishnek; right from captured German POW











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many thanks for you comments :thumbsup:


mess kit for provenance ardennes engraved 14th cavalry

named emerson dale

Poteau is a small village in the Belgian Ardennes, situated between Vielsalm and Recht. During the war, he became notorious for the ambush that took place there. The "14th Cavalry Group" U.S. fell into the trap of "Kampfgruppe Hansen" German December 18, 1944







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