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75mm Pack Howitzer - 376th PFAB - Hinckley UK


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Not my latest acquisition... but an interesting original item with nice provenance.


The US 376th PFAB were based at Hinckley in Leicestershire, England around April 1944.


A friend of mine acquired this Lubrication Guide (see photo) from a house clearance in the town and was happy enough to sell it to me for not a lot.


I have no doubt that this was either left behind, or liberated when the US Airborne left Hinckley.


The Guide has been fabricated in the same way the Jeep Lubrication Guide was... the top 1/4 was folded back... my assumption here is to get it to fit into the Sight Case so that it could be carried more easily.


Does anyone here have any more of these guides for the 75mm Pack How... especially one with Rubber tires rather than the Wooden wheels in the illustration?






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