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Forum member Bilko's - Dave - death reported

Bob Hudson

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Sad news: member wayne15071965 sent a PM today (Monday Dec. 14) saying,

"Bilko passed away earlier this evening, He had just come out of his work and had a heart attack and died suddenly, I would like to add my condolences to Bilko’s Family and Friends, my heart goes out to all those who feel this personal loss especially at this time of year.


I also want to thank Ryan for being so brave and bringing us this news in the UK, I am sure his father is filled with pride and will be watching over him.


God Bless"



Bilko - Dave (from, as he called it, "YE OLD ENGLAND") was really one of the founding members of this forum as member number 39 and his support and contributions gave us the kind of expertise that helped legitimize our efforts to start a militaria forum devoted just to US militaria.


He had posted here as recently as Dec. 12, just two days ago. I was one of the lucky ones who was able to survive a sudden heart attack, but I know that the suddenness of it all can add to the impact on family and friends as they are unprepared (if indeed one can be prepared) for the loss.


Yes, God bless and comfort his family.

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This year I lost two, of three, the most important persons in my life so I can imagine what Dave's family feels now.


RIP Dave.

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Oh gosh. I'm DEVASTATED to hear this news. Just two days ago Dave said he had his health problems worked out, was looking forward to January and getting back with the forum, and was asking to moderate again (he had stepped down due to the health issue). I asked what section he wanted and he replied just this afternoon apparently before leaving work that he was glad to moderate any section. I went to reply this evening only to find out this news.


I'm shocked and saddened, as I really loved chatting with Dave. Like Bob said, he was pretty much one of the founding members.


My thoughts and prayers are with his family in this time of loss. He will be greatly missed.



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As someone who also suffered a heart attack and survived I understand all too well the frailty of life. God Bless Dave's family during a very trying time.

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For personal reasons Dave had asked to be removed from Moderator status back in May and in fact until about four days ago he had not posted to the forum since May 31. A few days ago be began a flurry of posts and had asked about helping out again as a moderator. At this point I keep hoping that someone will contact us from the UK and tell us we we got mistaken news.

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This is stunning news for all, I can only imagine what the family must be going through these days. I had the chance to meet Dave on occasions in Italy, and he was a good man.


My heart is with his wife and son.



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I am very shocked and saddened to read of Dave's passing.


My thoughts go to his family.


May he rest in peace.

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General Apathy

Hi Admin, Forum support, Craig Pickrall, I got out of bed this morning with the weirdest of thoughts and feelings I can't describe, some sort of foreboding, only to turn on my computer and recieve a personal email from Craig to ask if I could confirm the information they had recieved.


I join with everyone one else here to morn the loss of Dave, a larger than life bright, funny, forever smiling always happy whenever anyone met or spoke to him.


A great loss to his family, friends, and everyone who knew him. I shall miss his posts, after all he was the one who started the thread on my business which I was just on the verge of retiring and closing, and the thread became 'Reports from Normandy '. I will also miss that friendship that he gave so willingly.


Love to his family at this time.



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