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US.Navy Pilot.

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hello all,

here some ultimate shots to my latest guy of some months ago, created as to make a Marine fighter pilot from springtime 1944. Yes T-30 throat mic isn't really USN/USMC issue, however a very few wartime photos do exist showing it being worn by some airmen, posted somewhere on the Forum   -    anyway, attaching points for A-14 mask do suggest the guy will find inside it the correct mike.

Think it can stay there, if really not a big error.  M-450 helmet has identified provenance, having been worn in operations by USN Helldiver pilot J.W. Barnitz of VB-15 in springtime 1944, flying from carrier Essex.

My very last effort within the collection, and this time in earnest .. . 😔  hope you'll like them.    Thanx!



























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2 hours ago, Charlie Flick said:

Very impressive, BlueBookGuy!  A marvelous display.


What can you tell us about the shoulder holster?




thanx very much Charlie.

As for the holster, no infos about provenance, maker, distinctive signs like owner's names, etc.   Body in really great shape with almost no wear, and beautifully tooled; more wear on harness w/ some weaker spots (and, some very small cuts on edges), and rather weak tiyng laces.


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The above Marine pilot can make company with this USN guy of very late war (here depicted before bringing some small changes last year),

















and here, the three characters in action within the South West Pacific war theater in a temporary picture of last springtime. USN, Marine and AAF fighter pilots.




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Yes I agree, sort of a 'softening' effect   -   of course, it should stay in mind not to go beyond excessive levels. As it's in my instances, can still be acceptable in my opinion.

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On 8/29/2020 at 8:59 AM, BlueBookGuy said:

@1canpara,  thanx very much !  Here, the two last shots









THat's a great setup. I love the helmet I have Barnitz' flight bag with his name tag on it. I wish I had managed to get his helmet




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That's an interesting detail to know Bazelot,  yes one of the very few instances I've got an item w/ known provenance.

Helmet came from a Belgian collector about four years ago, still appealing shape  -   some slight cuts on cable's forked portions where they enter the earphones, and some weak spots where Volcano earcups are sewn to fabric. Still a good display.


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