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US.Navy Pilot.

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Great Picture Frank and a rare setup. I've had 4 MK 1 USN Bib Mae Wests over the years but the 2 I wanted belonged to local collector friends of mine and one was mint in its original marked box and the other one had the Tillamock, Oregon Naval Air Station stenciled on it which was a USN Blimp Squadron base.




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Beautiful pilot's!




"Nuts!" - General MacAuliffe

"Horum omnium fortissimi sunt Belgae." - Julius Caesar

Looking For 99th Division ETO items (Or BoB Items!) and DCU (or Iraqi) items, please PM me!


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I would like to congratulate all of you for exceptionally fine WWII Naval Aviation material--expecially the rarity of the complete mannequins. While I am a general collector of WWII US material, I have been rather fortunate to acquire a rather extensive collection of Naval Aviation material and named uniforms. I have two complete flight suit mannequins--one a two piece leather that belonged to a Navy Ensign who was a pilot of a two engine bomber assigned in the Alleution Islands, and one a one-piece leather heated flight suit--both with parachute. I find the parachutes most difficult to find, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I will post photos as soon as I master the process.


When I am able to post photos, if you have any interest in Naval Aviation uniforms (I have many) just let me know.


Keep up the great work guys! Jack Angolia

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Thanks for photos Darkvalley. I love the m592 kit and MKI goggle!!!

Here is my one ... with orginal box, shipping box and bill from shop....

Can You put here photos of you Q.A.S. parachute pack???

Best regards,

Jerry K.




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An rare Blue"Mae-West- type B-4 (USN contract 1943).

On the photo (pilot's of TBM Avenger squadron VT-2 ), One can see in this picture that almost all wear a blue vest, except the first top left wearing a yellow B-4. It may be noted, even if this photo is in black and white, the difference.


Laurent.D (France)

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Geeze, I am unable to be here at USMF for a while and you guys from Europe go and grab up all the USN stuff. GREAT displays!!


Some of you, like Jerry, have seen my stuff before but I don't care. I'm going to make you suffer through it again! :w00t:


Bruce, my early war USN pilot. Note the photo is old and the late war helmet has since been replaced.





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