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WWII Web Belts


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I have seen pictures of the web belts used in WWII with the year dates stamped on them near the pouch snap. I haven't seen one as late as 1945. Were there such year stamps, or was that too near the end of the war for them to still be manufactured? I am looking for one in that year to go with some other things, and was wondering if such a thing does exist.

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If you are referring to the M1936 pistol belt or M1923 rifle belt, both of these were made well into the 1950's. Later WW2 and beyond made belts are usually green. A 1945 date is not too hard to find and usually worth a bit less because an item made in 1945 is less likely to have been used in WW2. They are perfectly acceptable for a Korea display in any case.


Greetz ;)



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