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Help with 1/6 Scale Mountain Howitzer

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I've decided to build a 1/6 scale Civil War Mountain Howitzer out of Plastic and need some help. I don't want to have to build the wheels. I'm looking for a pre-fabricated wheels but I might be interested in purchasing a complete kit that is ready to assemble. Or is there anyone out there who would want to build it on Contract?


I have picked the 1/6 scale because the gun is so small I wanted to have the detail. And it goes nicely with the 1/6-scale Action Figures, which there are several available on the market in various different uniforms. They have 1/6 scale 6-pounders and Parrots but these carriages are too large.


Why a little Mountain Howitzer?? Well, I'm really not making that. I want to scratch-build a rare Confederate W1LL1AM's GUN. These were a rapid-fire breech-loader that fired a 1.56 caliber iron shot---at a rate of 25rpm. It was mounted on a Mountain Howitzer carriage. But I would not mind altering some details, such as a lighter-weight wheel type.


Any suggestions? Any on-line stores that would have these parts?



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A couple of years ago I made a barrel and wheels for a Confederate Napoleon 12-Pounder. I sent the masters to panzerwerk so he (also Steve) could make molds and cast a few for sale. Here's the link:




9-1/2" WHEEL


I had pictures of my completed cannon but I must have deleted them from my host site. If I can find them I'll post again.



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Thanks Bravo-2-hero. I browsed the site and it looks hopeful.


9-1/2" WHEEL


I didn't expect to find a wagon wheel in a WW2 supplies site. But 9.5 Inch equates to a 75-inch diameter wheel (in real life dimensions). My goal is to make a lightweight cannon. When I posted this, I wanted to duplicate a carriage for a Mountain Howitzer. Now, my research says the gun was mounted on a simpler carriage with "buggy wheels". The Howitzer wheel was only 38 inches in diameter. The buggy wheel will be larger but not as large or as hefty as used on a 12-Pounder.


I want to build a Confederate Williams Gun. See photo that approximates the model I want to replicate. This was a raid-fire breech-loader that was operated by a hand-crank that opened the breech block and cocked the hammer. It was operated by 3 crew-men and hauled by 1 horse. Note the gun barrel mounted on a swivel U-bracket.





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