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Experimental X-51 Helmet & Liner

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I saw this liner for auction on eBay yesterday. It sold for $245.50. This is a rare liner for the X-51 Experimental Helmet tested in the 1950's. Since I have been unable to find photo's of this one anywhere else on the Internet, I thought it best to save these pictures to post here for future reference.




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Do you still have the item number or link to this auction? Could you post it you do?

This guy really missed out, a similar one sold for around $700 a couple of months ago.







Time to downsize! I'm selling off a large portion of my collection. Message me for the most up to date list of items.

I have American and foreign; Army, Air Force, and Navy; Span-Am War to current; mostly originals but some reproductions.


Always looking for numbered Purple Hearts and Silver Stars. Message me if you have any, maybe we can make a deal.


Looking for Purple Heart number 172669.

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