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PASGT helmet, 1st ID jacket and more


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I decided to go to a new flea market today rather than one of my usuals and came back with some pretty decent stuff.


This is my first PASGT helmet. I'd been looking for a cheap one and managed to pick this one up for $25 which I thought was a good price. It show some nice signs of use and is dated 1989, made by UNICOR. All of the liner is there, just not photographed.






This 1st ID jacket was buried under a pile of women's clothing. Thankfully I spotted a button and the price was nice and low. I don't often find these with a fourragere.




The cup is marked Foley Mfg Co 1945. I don't really need it but couldn't leave it there for $2. The knife was a whole 50 cents. The links on the ammo belts are marked GIW M9 and each casing is stamped LC 88. The caliber is higher than what I've come across before so again they had to come home with me.




And last is this DUI, which I haven't been able to ID yet (seems For Freedom was a common motto). Only paid a buck for this one due to the chipped enamel.



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Really nice looking helmet there. Generally don't seem to see that much stuff on a jacket at a flea market either. Good finds all around, esp. price-wise. :)

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