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Yup, the soldier marching front left IS wearing oval frames. Our group all has ROUND frames! B)
Man, I hate being right all the time like that... :crying:

Few things bother me more. I've seen so many people spend gazillions on impressions, look decent in them (like the guy in the photo mentioned above) only to ruin it with modern specs. Hey, I'm as blind as a bat but either I show up with my original specs with my lenses dropped in them, I go without and hope I don't run into something, or I just don't go at all.

Kind of hard to tell, but in my signature line, those are original GI frames I'm wearing... Folks have no excuse to stop short on glasses, as you can easily find round metal rim frames at antique places and shows. And places like Wal Mart optical aren't that expensive is putting lenses that will work for you into them...

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Do any of you reenact?


If so, give the war, unit, and impression you do, please.

WWII 1st Div medic

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Howdy from Sin City....yeah, Las Vegas, Nevada, baby!!

Presently have the following impressions:

ACW 9th Penn Coy D

101st 506th Item Co.

US 4th Inf div. 8th inf. regiment circa June 1944

WW2 USMC 1st Marines

Based with the Southern Nevada Living History Assoc...check us out at snlha.org


33y49pj.jpg I am the guy on the far left...


2ntfxvq.jpg far left again.....at the annual 4th of July parade downtown Las Vegas

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F Co 505th PIR - 82d ABN DIV in WWII








B Co 551st - Operation DRAGOON




All in support of the 82d Airborne Division War Memorial Museum Living History Detachment (LHD) - Fort Bragg, NC

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