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DCUs - Three Color - Post ODStorm


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Some pics of two heavy weight early DCUs dated 1990 and 1991 I bought on eBay.


The first one belonged to a Signal Corps major. The patching have been made in two times. Name, USA, chopper wings and BOS were the first to be sewn. When he made major, the senior parawings and both SSIs have been added.

The captain bars traces are visible under the major leaf.

Note that the chopper wings and BOS are of a different manufacture than the other insignias, more commonly seen on DCU. The Airborne tab of the SOCOM SSI is also different.

Any infos about the origin of these insignias is welcome.



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The second DCU named to Colonel Daniel P. Brownlee former commander of the 5th Special Group from August 1997 till July 1999.





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