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Hybrid "K-Pot" and covers


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One of my favourite anecdotes..and I concede that it might be apocryphal..concerns the alleged reaction of a WW2 vet when he first set eyes on the then new PASGT Kevlar helmet. He reputedly said "Sh**! I used to shoot at helmets like that!"


The PASGT helmet you're looking at here is the actual example featured on pages 26-28 of Mark Reynosa's book "PASGT Helmet" It dates from 1983 and is a rare "hybrid" in the sense that it was originally part of a Gibraltar Industries contract which they were unable to fulfil, so Gentex stepped in and completed the contract. Consequently, the interior of the shell bears both the ink-stamped Gibraltar Industries contract details and Gentex cast into the crown. The flat-headed, slotted screws were also unique to this production run.


Also photographed here are three different PASGET camo covers...woodland (w/ Majors' oakleaf)...choc-chip...3 colour desert. I've also shown the contract details.





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