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Post-WWII 1950's & 1960's US Air Force uniform photos

Bob Hudson

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On 7/27/2022 at 6:24 PM, Vanderbilt said:

.....these were my Dads AF cap badge and collar insignia. After his service as a medic in WW2. Sometime between then and Korea he joined the AF Reserve. He was activated during the Korean Conflict and spent time in Columbus, Ga. He said the group he was in trained air crews on C 47's. His rank was TSgt. None of his uniforms survived. I do remember a bag down in the basement. It disappeared when I was 8-10 years old. I would like to put the cap badge on a hat for display. Not sure if the proper hat would be Army od, tan or AF blue?


Those particular set of collar insignia and cap badge would go on the AF Blue Shade 84.  My dad was in at the same time, and that is what he wore them on. 

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On 9/28/2022 at 5:40 PM, seanmc1114 said:

Airwoman (or is it female Airman?) wearing the transitional collar brass and Army rank insignia. From a 1950 magazine.

Air Force.Female.1950.1.jpg

She would be a WAF (Woman's Air Force).

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A mid 50s to early 60s OD Sateen shirt, two Yellow Web Tapes, need help on unit there, if that stands for a unit, 551 SMS.



air force 50ss.PNG

air force 50s.PNG

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Here's another 50s Sage Green shirt rd for you to ID, Tape says as we see, Frost R, the mans name, then below it HANGER.

sage 1.jpg


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