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GI44-45 Living History Group [England]


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US Militaria forum? A cause of winter blues? No way!! Its part of my routine to visit!


The outside world? Yeah maybe!! A cause of being down in winter. Personally I cannot think of a better winter cocktail of The US Militaria forum, mixed in with a fine little GI44-45 forum to chase away winter blues!! :w00t: :w00t: :lol:

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Yeah Johnny...no winter blues here......wait till you are walking around Lierneux or Bihan or Fraiture next weekend.....walking off a few xmas pounds......Following the foootsteps of the "Thunderbolts"......:-)







I'm in training as we speak!









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Well the next decade has started, and a happy New Year to all. GI44-45 have some great events planned fo the coming year; onwards and upwards! 2009 saw us recruit a number of members and also a massive increase in visitors to our forum and website.


I'm guessing that there are some things of interest on our site that inspires people to visit. Some join the forum and no doubt others don't.


You may not know but we have a guestbook on the website which you can sign if you visit. No names - no pack drill, at the risk of shooting myself in the foot, I invite anybody to visit and sign the guestbook, you don't have to be a GI44-45 forum member!!


Your comments about our group may help us to tweak things and improve our impression, website and forum for the coming year.


So follow the link and make your comments!!



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The GI44-45 living history groups new toy!!!!


Well I finally collected it from Chatham docks this morning and now its stored away. A nice well travelled Willys Trailer dated 6 43. Vermont to Southend, England!!


Pictures now on webshots, tab on any to take you to the whole Album. It was found in 2008 by a G503 forum member being used to feed horses on a farm in Vermont. And then restored by G503 forum member Craig Thomas- a job well done.





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Nice one Paul, plenty more kit to able to get to your events.


I have a Bantam Trailer and its suprising what you can get in them. Best of luck with your new bit of kit





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Well, I sit here recovering from a 23km Hike in LaGleize, Belgium, have walked in the foot-steps of the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Airborne, this weekend.


This was my third year of attending this event , accompanied by Corporal Patrick “MightyMurph” Murphy and Private Dan O’Dwyer, together with members of the Living History Association, the Belgian Friendly 101st, and the All American Pathfinders living history group


This year I think was the hardest one so far, but as always fantastic experience which any living historian should consider doing at least once. This year we were joined by Lt Col Bryan Denny, a serving officer in a mechanised unit of the US Army-the wolfpack. In due course a report to follow, but suffice to say, yet again, what a fantastic life experience!!!


As always “click” on any of the photos to take you to the whole album on webshots









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Mail call!!!



Private Dan O’Dywer receives 8 letters,( most are from the auto finance company-he hasn’t paid for his 1941 P11 deluxe)










“3” becomes “44” as the all the living history groups unite for one last photo just before the finish..



And finally a “Tradition” amongst GI44-45 members a celebratory beer as we make it to the marches conclusion and pay homage to those wo walked it for real some 65 years earlier...


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We where there 2, Its like you say: the toughest of all the tours.

We where the last guys to come in La Gleize, together with Gene Warren.

I made a topic about our experience of the walk on this forum.



Kind Regards Vincent

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Chiltern Open Air Musuem (COAM) was host to probably one of the first publics show of 2010 that GI44-45 were in attendance, teaming up with Dave Pratt and his gang; Ranger Re-enactments .


This event was well attended by an abundance of quality living history groups and the “war-walks” proved to be a good idea, and the feedback from the public was good.


My thanks go out to all concerned that made this event as enjoyable as it was, and for the chance to meet new friends and socialise with some great people.


Below are some of my favourite pictures of us portraying members of the 78th Infantry and 2 Rangers , late war 1945. For the full album on webshots, “tab” on any photo.




The future of living history-











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Just living the dream Johnny...some great pictures in the webshots album.....even some pictures of me..;-)





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You guys look awesome. I like the way you guys are all wearing your helmets in a rear position.





Thanks very much- I make a point of wearing the pot most of the time!!!!

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Well, last weekend saw GI44-45 holding the front line at Pippingford Park, Sussex, England. Pippingford Park is where they filmed some scenes from Band of Brothers, particularly scenes from episode 2.


At the tactical we represented the 1st infantry Division and worked alongside the 29th and 1st Infantry Division Living history groups. It was a great event, another success for Pete Skillman who organised it, and a pleasure to work with Allied and Axis living historians who all “played the game” well. I witnessed no major bust-ups or shot calling, and the blat-fest that Pete always strives to avoid did not occur either.


We were blessed with good weather, albeit probably below freezing at night, and it was one of the first tacticals that our newest member Dan O' Dwyer had been on.


Dan really is a credit to the hobby, he gives 100% commitment and strives to represent the citizen soldier of WW2, the GI, to the best of his ability. I'm just so glad that when he was looking around at all the groups in the hobby that he chose ours as the one to join!! Testimony to the fact that we obviously offer something that helps us to attract new recruits!


Anyway, enough PR, below are some pictures from the event, as usual, tab on any to take you to the whole album on webshots...










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GI44-45 attended the Lincolnsfield Childrens’ centre, Bushey, Hertsfordshire, England, during the last weekend.


It was clearly evident that this event is becoming very popular due to the presence of a number of living history groups, Allied and Axis alike. It seemed to be a considerable increase on the numbers from last year. I would recommend this event to all based in the UK, it is convenient located close to the M25 and M1 and has a variety of areas where displays can be set up. And yours “hosts” - The FSSF are a nice bunch of guys, even if Paul Dray is a bit slack in making the coffees for his guests!!!


We were blessed with some decent weather and good company, and its hoped that we can work alongside one of the groups; The Guards at Peak Rail later this year, East meeting West!





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GI44-45 spent this weekend at the (not-so-secret) Nuclear Bunker at Kelvendon Hatch. Our display this year had us recreating a 28th Infantry Division 60mm mortar squad, ”Somewhere in Europe”. Thanks to our hosts for the chance to dig in and live the dream!!!


It was a great weekend, with good weather, some fine Victory beer and an opportunity for us to catch up with old and new friends, including Gary Bainbridge and Ramsey “firestarter” Green, and to try out our 60mm mortar. This is some members of the group last event before Normandy and sleeping out gave us a chance to see how it’s going to feel for six days!!!


As usual “Tab” on any photo to take you to the whole album on webshots, and whilst there check out other images of the group at various events.










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you were next too us. Great display you had.


I meant to come over and say hello and cant figure out why I didn't...



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I'm not going to lower myself to comment in this thread cz it's got england in it... :think:


shite!!...Just have... :w00t:



I've said elsewhere, but have to say, brilliant....And I am just up the road and wanted to come down...


Oh well...Next year :thumbsup:

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