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U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard Patch & Rocker

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Does anybody know where I can get one of these? Thanks in advance!



Maybe from the Cerimonial Guard in DC. I had a kid report aboard my last ship from a tour with them. The "rocker" was worn on the uniform, right shoulder. The other is a jacket patch.


Steve Hesson

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US Navy Ceremonial Guard


The United States Navy Ceremonial Guard is the official ceremonial unit of the United States Navy. It is responsible for the performance of public duties in the U.S. Navy. The guard is composed of 200 enlisted navy personnel. It is based at Naval District Washington, Washington Navy Yard, Washington D.C.


Established in 1931, the United States Navy Ceremonial Guard represents the Navy in the Presidential, Joint Armed Services, Navy and public ceremonies in the nation’s capital and around the world. Each member is trained to be motionless for extended periods of time so that they will be prepared to hold their bearing through the entirety of the longest of military ceremonies. They are trained in the areas of rifle drill manual and marching as well as the daily labor of maintaining the rigorous physical and uniform standards demanded of Ceremonial Guardsmen.

US Navy Ceremonial Guard 001.jpg

US Navy Ceremonial Guard 002.jpg

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