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Repro trench art


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Before you read this, it was done on a Japanese copy. I didn't deface or try to manufacture any GI equipment.


That being said, opinions?








I didn't want to overdo it-Infantry, my name, a 48 star flag and some smart-assery on the rear. Has anyone else ever tried "personalizing" their stuff?

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Nice work, looks a lot like the ones I have seen over the years. People avoided these at sales when I started collecting, I guess because they wanted better condition items, but I’m sure they’re snapping them up now. I have a mess kit marked up like that, I need to look for it among all the boxes of stuff I have like it. I am surprised we haven’t seen a lot of these things attributed (of course) to E/506 already on eBay. I’ve always wondered how these markings were done back in the day, they look like a nail and a hammer, but the indentations look too uniform for that.

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