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Compass Pouches

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Reg, Just saw your posting and am still relatively new to this forum. I hope you are enjoying the pouch I manufactored. Since this forum seems to be the place where guys really examine gear and the nitty-gritty details of their construction, I should probably make a small confesssion. The zippred pouches I have manfactrued and sold to individuals and Stan Wolcott have one intentional flaw built into them in order to positively distiguish them from an orginal artifact. Funny though, I am a bit surpised that it has not been identified here yet.......


Spoiler Alert....The five original zippred compass pouches I examined while doing pattern work for my replica pouches all had nickle plated (silver) zippers and pulls. Mine are brass/gold. If you find a zippered pouch with silver metal components it most likely will be an original. I do my best to make this and all of my other products as authentic as possible, I hope however, that nobody has been scammed with them.





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Hello guys,


i'm not able to post a new topic here. don't know why but can anyone tell me if this is a original 1st pattern pouch?


I can buy it with the compass but i like to know if it's correct.


thanks for answers ;)post-163693-0-30543100-1474303072_thumb.jpgpost-163693-0-98243900-1474303082_thumb.jpg

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