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17th Airborne/10th Armored/OSS?? You tell me!

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Here is a puzzle that maybe you guys can help me figure out. In the 1990's I purchased this uniform from the nephew of one Richard Dale Drain. At the time the nephew was the sole aire to Drain's estate and he was selling off everything there was. At this time I was told that Drain was a 1943 Yale Grad and a member of Skull and Bones. Now let me say here that I never pay for a story. If it turns out to be true great but I'm only going to pay the value of the actual item. So needless to say even if this turns out to not be the same man I didn't get burned. Anyway moving on...I was shown Drain's Yale Diploma, stacks of Yale alumni magazines etc. The uniform is named in the jacket to Richard Drain and in one pair of trousers to Richard Dale Drain (this however is so faint that my camera won't even pick it up) The nephew stated that he never knew his uncle very well because he traveld after WWII doing work for a Secret Government Agency and had possibly been with a Commando Unit during WWII. He said he spoke many languages fluently. When one researches Richard Dale Drain of Bethesda Md (at the time of his death in 1992) you'll find that Drain was in fact a 1943 Yale Alum and member of Skull and Bones. When running the Social Security Information through NARA for this Drain I get back the folling information: That Richard Dale Drain recieved his Presidential Appointment as a Field Artillery Officer in 1943. Through WWII he served with various units of the 10th Armored Division as a Forward Observer and earned a Silver Star and Bronze Star. Post war he serves in several Armored officer capacities until 1954 when he joins the Office of the Chief Of Psychological Warfare and Office of Staff Intelligence Washington DC. He remains a part of these commands until the early 1960s when he joins the Command and General Staff College. When you compare this man to the one who is referenced in OSS/CIA documents his time with Ch Psy War and Intel Office seems to go hand in hand with the time one Richard Dale Drain spent as an Intelligence Operative in Greece, as well as a planner of the Bay of Pigs Invasion. Ok guys it's up to you to tell me where the 17th AB comes into play. It's not mentioned in either mans history anywhere. The Drain I got NARA records for however may not be complete is the only thing I can figure out. Several of his Assignment entries lasted a total of only several days then he was transfered to another assignment. I am confident that all the insignia has always been a part of only this uniform. What are your thoughts?


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I can not read his assignment history to well, but here are a couple of thoughts. He may have been assigned to the 17th at the end of the war after the 10th Armored redeployed. Or it is possible he was assigned to the 17th in 1948 when it was reactivated for the Berlin Airlift. As a reservist, his post war assignment history in his records may not be completely accurate or detailed.


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I am in agreement with your point about the 1948 redeployment of the 17th as well as their subsequent training division status. This was about the time he went reserve status as well. So i sure see where that may be accurate. And you're right he wouldn't be the first Reserve officer I have seen with incomplete NARA records. Thanks for your input!


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