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Need help dating these different Air Force stripes


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A friend of mine recently gave me some Air Force stripes for my collection. Among them were these oddball versions of the Air Force stripe. I posted the one with the off tan background along with some white on white stripes recently, but no one commented on it so I thought I would add them with this post in hopes someone can tell me more about them. Could they be some sort of experimental desert camo stripe? Any help appriciated.




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The top two look Vietnamese made...I can't tell for sure about the other three.



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The Tech Sgt. with black stripes looks like a US made from the Vietnam era. Later subdued had blue stripes. The raggedly looking Staff Sergeant looks like one that was used from 1949 thru 1994 when they changed over to white stripes on blue. I can't tell if it's merrowed edge or not, but it doesn't look like it, which would mean it's older. Up until the 70's these blue/silver-grey chevrons were worn on service and fatigue uniforms so you will find a lot of old ones that are pretty well beat up. The stripes look rather white on these, which is a common variation.

The Airman 1st Class at bottom looks to be a variation of the later subdued type, but I've never seen one with that shade of background green. (That's no big deal.... there's lots of things I haven't seen.)

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