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My trip in the Huertgen Forest and the Ardennes

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Today, 64 years ago, this happend. I thought it's a good time to bring this back up.



"Did Americans want heroes ? Well, we were willing at that point to be satisfied with survival."

Looking for 45th, 86th Infantry Division and 106th Cav items.


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And this would be a centerpiece of every US helmet collection.


A paratroopers helmet with markings of the 551st Parachute Infantry Battalion.


This was donated by the veteran pictured in the background display.



The veteran is named Joe Cicchinelli, A company. As far as I know he never donated an original helmet with the typical 551st palmtree. Thanks for sharing your trip though!

"There's no one taller than a short Paratrooper".

Joe M. Cicchinelli.

Scout "A" company

551st Parachute Infantry Bn.




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Here is a picture of the 893rd Tank Destroyer Battalion moving up the Kall trail.



This picture is actually not taken on the Kall trail but south of Schevenhütte on November 18th 1944. The location is just north of a hamlet (very aptly named) Bend. This road is called "Zum Backofen" and leads into Schevenhütte from the southwest. The 893rd TD Bat. are moving in the direction of Schevenhütte on this picture.

Allways interested in 94th items and personal accounts!


All gave some,

Some gave all.

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Hi Stephan, just found this thread and read it with great interest and fascination! I have been through the Bastogne area, but have not yet been to the Hurtgen forest and hope to this spring as me and some buddies are heading over there for a couple of weeks in May. This tour you took and shared with us will be of great assistance!


Thanks again for sharing it!







Collector of WWII M-1helmets and WWII Airborne items

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