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Richard Pearson Hobson - MOH


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  • 11 years later...

Great photo, interesting the level of pomp so different than today albeit well deserved pomp. Almost looks very matter of fact in an office vice a ceremony. Either way a great photo of a great moment of honor for Mr. Hobson

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These ceremonies were done in the oval office rather than in a more public ceremony due to the fact that Roosevelt didn't like to be photographed in his wheelchair or wearing his leg braces. In the case above, you will notice that FDR is leaning against his upholstered office chair. This was the only way that he could stand without assistance. I can promise you that he stood up when he was ready and everyone moved into position for the photo.


I've taken the liberty of posting a photo of General Jimmy Doolittle's Medal of Honor ceremony. FDR is seated (in the same upholstered chair) for this award ceremony as I thought you might find it interesting.




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