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My cousin is looking for some good pics of a WW2 era 105mm ammo crate, the only pics we can find are Vietnam and more modern ones. Anybody have one that they can take afew photos of??





RIP Private Lester H. Scheaffer, 1913 - 1944. 29th Infantry Division, 175th Infantry Regiment, Company F. Killed In Action September 12th, 1944 in France


RIP Sergeant Elwood F. Schaeffer, 1919 - 2001. 21st Engineer Regiment (Aviation) and 824th Engineer Aviation Battalion, attached to the Army Air Force in Iceland





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Hi Tyler :rolleyes: ,


here is mine, coming from the falasie gap (3rd AD area)


Box Ammunition 105 mm M2A1


- Lester H Scheaffer (Fleetwood - PA) - 175th Infantry Regiment, 29th Infantry Division - KIA September 12th 1944 attacking the Brest Naval range butt

I’m proudly in charge of his grave at St James cemetery. RIP

(My left avatar portrait)

- Jay E Hansford (Baxter Springs - KS ) - 146th Engineer Combat Battalion SETF - KIA June 6th 1944 landing on Dog White Omaha Beach

I’m proudly in charge of his grave at Colleville sur mer cemetery. RIP

(My right avatar portrait)

- See their story, and other ones here : http://mylifeinthewar.over-blog.com/


-- Interested in pictures (and others items) concerning the French Navy ships that went under repair in US Navy yards in 1943. In Boston (Le Terrible, le Fantasque, le Malin), in NYC (Richelieu) and in Philadelphia (Le Georges Leygues, Le Gloire, Le Montcalm)

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