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Major General Philip Ardery, USAFR (ret)

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Here is some material that was given to me by my freind Major General Philip Ardery, USAFR (RET). General Ardery was Squadron Commander of the 564th Bomb Squadron, of the 389th Bomb Group during Operation Tidal Wave on August 1, 1943. For his actions he was awarded the Silver Star and one of two Distingished Flying Cross medals. Before joining he had attended the University of Kentucky and Harvard law School and was a practicing lawyer when he joined.


He was given a reserve commison of 1st Lt in the Infantry in July of 1940. He entered active duty in in September of 1940 and he applied to flight training with the Air Corp in April of 1941. He was assigned to fly B-24 aircraft in late 1941 early in his service he flew antisubmaine patrols between California and Hawaii and served as an instructor pilot in Texas. By August of 1942 he was a Captain and Squadron Commander of the 564th Bomb Squadron. By November of 1943 he was promoted to Major. By the end of the war he was a Lt Col. He completed 30 missions including 4 on D Day and returned to the US. In 1946 he helped form the Kentucky Air National Guard and was its first commander at teh rank of Colonel. During his time with the Air Guard he flew a number of aircraft including the F-51 fighter and the F-86. His unit the (123rd Fighter Group) was deployed to England during the Korean War. He was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General USAFR in 1955 and served as AF Liason to the Air Guard. He was promoted to Major General USAFR in April 1962 at the same time Barry Goldwater recieved his Major General rank. He officially retired from the Air Force in 1974. his last assignment was in the office of Air Force Information at the Pentagon. He is also the author of several books including "Bomber Pilot".


Dress uniform


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Based upon, and credited to, your research a Remembrance has been started for this officer at this link:




It is not complete yet.


It will also be linked to the Tribute Gallery of the USAF National Memorial.

HONORING FAMILY LtCol Wm Russell (1679-1757) VA Mil; Pvt Zachariah McKay (1714-97) Frederick VA Mil; BrigGen Evan Shelby, Jr (1719-94) VA Mil; Pvt Vincent Hobbs (1722-1808) Wythe VA Mil; Pvt Hugh Alexander (1724-77); Lt John R. Litton (1726-1804); Bvt BrigGen/Col Wm W. Russell (1735-93) 5th VA Rgmt; Lt James Scott (1736-1817); Capt John Murray, Sr (1747-1833); Capt John Sehorn, Sr (1748-1831) VA Mil; Pvt Corbin Lane (1750-1816) Franklin/TN Mil; Cpl Jesse D. Reynolds (1750-1836) 5th VA Rgmt; Capt. Solomon C. Litton (1751-1844); 1Lt Christopher Casey (1754-1840) SC Mil; Pvt Mark Adams (1755-1828); Pvt Randolph White (1755-1831) Bailey's Co. VA Rgmt; Capt. John R. Russell (1758-1838); Pvt Joseph T. Cooley (1767-1826) Fort Hempstead Mil; Pvt Thomas Barron (1776-1863) 1812; Capt. John Baumgardner (1787-1853) VA Mil; Pvt Joel Estep (1828-1864) Co B 5th KY Inf CSA & US; Pvt George B. Bell (1833-1910) Co C 47th IL Inf US; Cpl Daniel H. Barron (1838-1910) Co B 19th TN Rgmt Inf CSA; Capt Richard K. Kaufman (1908-1946) 7th PRG/3rd AF CCU; T-5 Vernon L. Bell (1926-95) 1802nd Spec Rgmt; PO2 Murray J. Heichman (1932-2019) HQSB/MCRD; PFC Jess Long (1934-2017) US Army; PFC Donald W. Johnson (1931-) 43rd ID HQ; A1C Keith W. Bell (1931-2011) 314th TCW; A3C Michael S. Bell (1946-) 3346th CMS; A1C Sam W. Lee (1954-2017) 2d BW; AW3 Keith J. Price (1975-) VP-10; 1Lt Matthew Wm Bell (1985-) 82nd Abn/SOC

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