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509th PIB troopers on leave in Paris


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Again, you guys have shown us how to do it, and do it right (it's in the details)...Well done Guilles and Bruno!! I'm sure you guys are in them photos somewhere, you Continentals all look alike to me...


btw, I'm off to Italy come November... Me and Elmara :thumbsup:

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Hello thanks for your nice comments.


The link to the 509th Reenactors website is:



(check photo galleries on the right)


Thanks MG for the link!


I've been playing with it all day!


For those who read French Militaria Mag 509th Reenactors will have a whole page about their adventures in Southern France

this summer in Oct 2009 issue.


Prior to our Paris by night visit. We started our evening at a Special "Market Garden" party at the Iguana Bar, Paris Bastille - here is a picture.


All the best Gilles





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