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Ruptured Case WARNING

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Glad you're still with us Wayne and your injuries were minor.


There have been at least two incidents recently where M1 Garands blew apart, (literally BTW), both due to bad RELOADED ammunition. In the one case the ammo came from a gun shop who was selling their own reloads without a license to do so (allegedly). Then there is a third incident where Korean surplus ball ammo failed and cracked the heal of the M1s receiver.


Personally I believe there is nothing wrong with reloaded ammo if you load it yourself, or in some cases a proven, trusted source. However I will not shoot any reloads of unknown origin, shot shell or otherwise. The risk just isn't worth it in my opinion. :thumbdown:


Thanks for posting your story as it is a reminder how important it is to don "Eyes and Ears" when shooting. Take care.

I reload all of my ammo for my revolvers, shotguns, and hunting rifles. I also have a lot of amilitary ammo in 30-06 ( LC M1 clips in ammo cans from late 60's ) , old WW1 30-06 in stripper clips, 30-06 in linked metal ammo belts. 7.62x51mm ( 308 ) in ammo clips in bandoleers ( they have US & KOREAN lettering ), factory repacked 308 tracer rounds, 8mm in stripper clips from the late 50's ? and 1970's ? I save the military ammo for collector reasons. I fired a few LC 30-06 in one of my M1's with no problems. I also have a few cases of the GREEK ammo that is being sold by CMP and other companies. I plan to shoot these in my 2 M1's and 2 REMIMGTOM 0313s ( one is sporterized for hunting ) I have never heard of the GREEK ammo having any problems lately.

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Hi guys,


This is a picture of the primer end of the casing that ruptured yesterday while firing a Springfield (Remington Mfg) Model 1903A3. As you can see the only markings on the casing are K above the primer, and 54 below it.

The ammo was probably not made in the U S The only headstamp I could find with a K was made by the ALLEGHANY ORDINANCE PLANT, AND IT HAD A KS plus the date.

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