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I finally got around to installing the dummy selector on my M14SA. (Mine's the type that would not allow for full-auto fire vice the full-auto selector switch. This was the most common type found on issue M14's. Most were issued fitted for semi-auto only fire.) It took a while to get the kit from Sparrow Hawk Farms, but worth the wait.


For anyone else considering this addition, I'd recommend it. It's pretty easy. I would suggest a slight modification to the instructions on the Sparrow Hawk Farms web site, really just a change in the sequence of steps. The dummy selector that I mounted required fitting in three dimensions: first is the side-to-side clearance so that the dummy selector switch and the connector will clear the outside of the stock; second is the clearance of the rear of the receiver to the selector switch; third is the clearance of the front of the receiver to the front end of the connector. The clearancing of the dummy selector should be made in that sequence to avoid having to go back and re-do previous work.


I still have a pretty tight fit between the selector switch, the rear end of the connector, and the outside of the stock. I may go back and remove the rivet used by Tony at Sparrow Hawk Farms to hold the stock mount and the switch together and replace it with a machine screw with a washer between the mount and switch to provide a bit more clearance. I could trim away some wood from the stock, but I want to keep the stock un-modified and make any necessary changes on the dummy selector.


Still, it's a nice cosmetic addition and fills that void in the military issue stock for the original selector switch.



Very Nice Build

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