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new vietnam group in the u.k


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fancy trying something different?....... want to remember the vets with respect....... educate the public? or just take a season out of ww2 living history.... maybe you wanna be a chopper pilot in need of rescue?... a cool us airforce "zoomy" phantom pilot? or a fearless u.s ranger or marine? or just a plain old us army grunt in the boonies? an ever vigilant U.S M.P? or a laid back australian soldier? a god sent U.S nurse to mop a troubled brow you can be all of them with us........and for those who are drawn to the dark side.....we have a viet-cong and N.V.A section....so pick up an AK47 and throw those imperialists out of vietnam!

its currently free membership and we hope to do the major multiperiod events next year and familys are most welcome. so if you want to find out more, see the kit lists or simply inquire then pop down to our LZ and say hi!

you can only do 1 event a year or ten no matter give us a go.............




why not leave a comment in our guest book.

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