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M 59 - my new litle dioram .

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Tomek, I can't tell you often enough how much I enjoy your model. Everything is perfect. Surrounding, weathering of the gun, ammo with perfect colored fuzes and copperbound, charges. The gun crew... A 100% miniature of a gun position (as far as I have seen those in reality).


Have you ever thought about adding a gun crew commander to make the crew complete? Or a figure with a field telephone that receives the fire mission from the fire direction center? I don't want to splitt hair, it's no reflection on the model, just an idea.


Once again, thanks for sharing your wonderfull diorama.




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Hi Tomek,

Great diaramai love it, the detail is very good you must have spent a lot of time researching that scene.

My view on diarama,s is that they should look like the world in minature, and you have done just that.

I would love to show my models here but unfortunately they are not U.S, related, I have just finished a V1 flying bomb and launch ramp. Thanks for showing this it has give me an idea.


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