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What is the purpose of the Bandolier Safety Pin ?

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The safety pin is intended to be used to shorten the strap. Bandoleers tend to hang to about the level of the waist and can interfere with equipment. If not shortened the bandoleer can fairly easily swing loose when the soldier is running and etc. By shortening the strap the bandoleer can be drawn up closer to the body.


The safety pin was rarely used and most field soldiers tied a knot if it was desireable to adjust the strap shorter. The bandoleers are intented to be disposable but there are thousands of field expedient uses for them, including covering vehicle headlights in daylight, used as ties for splints and etc.


As for the safety pins I recovered a few and carried two on my LBE harness, never found a use for them, but I had 'em if I needed them.

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