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General Fibre M1 Helmet Liners

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Here are four General Fibre M1 helmet liners for comparison. General Fibre was a subcontractor for Hawley and produced roughly 120,000 liners. The first two have first pattern gray rayon webbing and fixed chinstraps. Both of these first pattern liners are stamped with only a "G" in the crown. The second two are second pattern with the light OD webbing and detachable chinstraps. Both of these second pattern liners are stamped "LINER-FIBRE-M1" and "G". It is my assumption that General Fibre only made these exact two patterns of liners. If anyone has a variation of a General Fibre liner not shown below, I would love to see some photos. Thanks!!


First Pattern:





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I have a small collection of M1 helmets. I do have a General Fiber and a Hawley. The Hawley is the second variation and the General Fiber is a first variation. My General Fiber is slightly different than your first variation in that it has both the words LINER-FIBER-M1 and, about an inch below that, the 'G'.



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another. Seems that the extra marking says in small cursive, St. Louis, I may be wrong. That is where they were made!


Where is the St. Louis? I see "NER-FIBRE" over the "G" , kinda looks like a smuged print though. Very nice liner.

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