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War Toys


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Bob Hudson

Imagine what a couple of those in good condition would be worth today - the toy guy on Antiques Roadshow would have a field day.


Those old Life magazines are a treasure trove of information and thanks Craig for sharing so much from them. I have a couple from Dec. 1941 I need to scan and post. And for those who want some good sources of information on military equipment (and toys...) the old Life magazines can often be had for five bucks.

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General Apathy

Craig, great photos you have posted, I have not seen that edition before, and I have seen lots of small scale toys to be played with but nothing that size to ride on.


Your posts on this site continue to be a good assortment, still think you could do with a curator to keep things tidy for you, thereby giving you more time to gather more items. I expect your wife would just love that prospect.


Cheers ( lewis )

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Great article. I love the children related things.

I think it is because I have 3 male cousins all of us within 1 year of each other. Our fathers were WWII vets and in the early and mid 50's we would dig our dads military stuff and souveniers out of the closets and garages and play army. I realize we screwed a lot of valuable things up playing with them and destroyed some. But in the 50's it was just junk and had no value except to a bunch of little boys whose imaginations ran wild wearing German, Japanese and American hats , helmets, medals etc., etc. I still have my dads Japanese sword with the knicks out of the blade where my cousin and I had a real sword fight one Saturday afternoon, he had his dads SS sword and we went at it. A good time was had by all. Reminiscent of a Little Rascals short film.

The 50's were a golden time and I was fortunate to have had a great childhood.

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General Apathy



Hi Craig, good photographs of children enjoying their toys. Sorry to say I don't have any of these size in my collection, but here are a couple of smaller hand-size toys. It's amazing the effort, materials and manpower put into these during a war.


The tank one is particularly mobile, all the little linked wooden tracks rotate around the bogie's, and the turret rotates. Mine is without its sales carton, I have seen one several years ago still in it's colored carton and dated around 1943. measures 7 x 4 inches


Unfortunately the truck has very delicate ribbing for the canvas to sit over, a little repair work needed sometime, measures 11 x 4 inches.


Cheers ( Lewis )

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General Apathy
Lewis, stop laying with those things. :D




Erwin, thanks for the comment, could I just point out that regarding toys it's called ' playing with ',

but appreciate ' laying with ' it's generally what I do with women.


Here endeth the spelling lesson.


Cheers ( Lewis )

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