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In a green vinyl case....

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Very busy these few weeks, I could not show you one of my last finds.

A friend of mine call me because he brought from a family close to him many items from a deceased officer. This gentleman served during all the WWII in a colonial artillery regiment and after the war developped the french army aviation during the Indochina and Algeria wars. He retired as colonel during the late 70's or early 80's.

In all the duffel bags, plastic bags and footlocker etc... I discovered this vinyl case:




I opened it




and discovered this:










I've been very surprised to discover this M6 survival rifle in the estate of a former army aviation pilot. I think he traded it during his trips to USA when he've been invited to work with the US Army as an advisor at the end of the Algeria war on the aeromobility concept.

I'm really happy to have found the protective paper stamped november 1951 and packed in 1952.





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Cher Valery, the rifle is not my period of interest, but I can still see the beauty of this unique find,

excellent one in a million, well done mon ami, abientot. ( Lewis )


Young enough to care and enjoy militaria - Old enough to remember as surplus


" Life's too short for reproductions "



Life is like a tank of gas, the closer you get to a quarter tank, the faster it goes 




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