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Caterpillar Club pin from the Pioneer Parachute Company to a POW captured 6/22/43 serving with the 305th BG, 8th AAF.



Also shown are his lead Bombardier wing His initials are on the back.



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Another new Caterpillar Group:


Gunner from the 484th BG , 15th AAF who had to bail out on a mission to Blechammer Germany on 10/14/44. This is part of a large Scrapbook group with his medals and original general orders.


Beautiful bullion Caterpillar Club patch in the scrapbook. The certificate is a color copy. Somehow the original got parted out.









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Here's my first and only Catapiller Club award, but a great story. First hand account of bailing out of a U-2 at 53,000 feet in 1957! And he survived! Wish I had the pin, but it still may turn up, I haven't given up. If you google his name you will find the write up about this bailout.



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New Grouping just picked up. SSgt Peter Seniawsky, a waist gunner on “Big Moose” and “Ruthless” of the 8th Air Force. Was a member of the Caterpillar club, winged boot club, and goldfish club. Evaded capture and his story is been told in “Black Thursday”. The  caterpillar certificate is presented on a wood plaque in 1943



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Goldfish Jason

Hi All,

I'm new to this (so my apologies if I make any mistakes!). I have viewed thread a number of times so have finally joined. I am a Goldfish Club member (joining via a Royal Navy Sea King (H3) helicopter in 1998, and now write the Club Newsletter and due to my passion for history, am also the Club's archivist with a huge collection (including the Founder (Charles 'Robbie' Robertson's) personal papers). The Goldfish Club is still very much alive today, and still holds an annual reunion - although this year's is still 'wait and see' of course due to COVID - we have held an annual gathering since the Club was rejuvenated in 1952. Up to date info can be found on the Club website. 

I was aware that there were branches of the Club across the globe, and only this week came across one of the Club's committee meeting notes from 1953 which mentioned being approached by the American Goldfish Club (headed up by the then editor of 'Flying Magazine' Max Karant). Sea Squatters was something I was also aware of, but had not seen much apart from the 1946 Muster List (mentioned in one of the earlier posts) and a membership card which I had seen on the internet.

A huge 'thank you' to all of you contributors - it is amazing to see so many fantastic records and photos, and it's incredible that you are all keeping the memory of these Club's - whether for hitting the silk, swimming or in a dinghy - alive.

From a Goldfish Club 'purist' view, I was fascinated to see one of the earlier images of the cloth badge with 3 'bars' beneath. We have just recommissioned the bars for the Club as I had come across many members who had ditched on more than one occasion. These were (and now are) usually seen as singular blue waves, normally added below the original 2 on the badge, to denote each subsequent ditching. I am only aware of a handful of multiple ditchers across the globe, so that photograph showing the uniform with 3 bars (albeit not the traditional blue wavy ones) is very rare indeed.

Likewise, the post this February of the Goldfish pin - whilst the Club do still produce pins, never have I seen one like the photograph - very jealous indeed.

The American Goldfish Club and Sea Squatters are areas where I would really like to find out more if I can, which in turn I can pass on to our members via the Newsletter which I write 3 times a year. If any of you have any info on either then I would really appreciate hearing from you - do they even still exist? Who ran them last? Getting hold of original membership cards or pins is likely to be near on impossible from the UK - although eBay does have a few every now and again, albeit reproductions, but even these are great for our own heritage collection. Whilst I appreciate that you are looking for such things yourselves, any tips as to where I might start looking (particularly Stateside websites perhaps) would be a great help.

Pleasure to join you all, I look forward to reading more and contributing more to you all if I can. If any of you have questions about the Goldfish Club then please don't hesitate to ask me in a post - nothing is too much trouble. I hope I haven't rambled too much. Thank you!


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Salvage Sailor

Aloha Jason and Welcome Aboard,

You've come to the right place to find the Goldfish memorabilia and historical records you seek, plus much more associated with the caterpillars, sea squatters, etc.

My service was at the end of the rainbow, recovering the wrecks for inquiries as to why a pilot believed he was flying a seaplane.....


F4 recovery 1975 002.jpg

F4 recovery 1975 003.jpg

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I thought I would add this pin to the discussion since it is related. 


The Sikorsky helicopter company created the "Winged S " Air Rescue Emblem to recognize both the rescuer and the rescued.  It was awarded to Helicopter crews who rescuded a downed pilot, and also to those who were rescued by a Sikorsky helicopter.


This certificate was awarded to a Naval Aviator in 1963 for a rescue he performed.  The Pin shown, was awarded to a different Naval Aviator who was rescued from the water during the Korean War. The pins are very small and are 10K gold and are screwback.


The pin and certificate are still awarded today. 








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Early Irvin card Stalag  to a 306th Bomb Group , 8th AAF pilot captured 6/22/43 and held in Stalag Luft 3.






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