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XII Corps

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XII Corps / Twelfth Corps / 12th Corps / XII Army Corps







World War II

Northern France


Ardennes - Alsace

Central Europe



Jan 1934

Aug 29, 1942




Aug 28, 1942

April 1, 1968




Organized Reserves to World War II


The XII Corps was organized in January 1934 in New York, New York as part of the organized reserves.


However, the patch design was approved 11 years prior to XII Corps' formation. Originally the XII Corps was placed on the inactive list of organized reserves and the Army had a patch created for the formations on the list.


The patch design, approved in 1923, is that of blades of a windmill superimposed on a shield of the city of New Amsterdam (old name for New York) in the Dutch colors of orange and blue. New York was the original location of the corps.



World War II


The Twelfth Corps was activated on August 29, 1942, with Headquarters at Columbia, South Carolina, and had one change of station before participating in the 1944 Tennessee maneuvers. The Corps embarked for the European Theater in April of 1944 and landed on Utah Beach in Normandy on July 27th.


Following occupation duty in southern Germany along the Czech border, the XII was inactivated on December 15th, 1945, at Regensburg after having fought through four campaigns and earning the nickname "Spearhead of Patton's Third Army."


Post-World War II


Following World War II, the XII Corps was again activated as part of the reserves. For almost twenty years, it continued to act as a reserve training formation.


With the Army budget cuts in the late 1960s, the XII Corps was inactivated on April 1, 1968.


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