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Nylon US ARMY tape and name tape on a 1967used tropical combat shirt

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Just a quick question regarding the use of the nylon type name tape and US ARMY-tape on Vietnam tropical combat shirts...


From about what time were nylon tapes used? Is it logical to see a nylon name tape and ARMY tape placed horizontally on non-rip-stop tropical combat shirt. The shirt has a merrowed edged Big Red One insignia on the shoulder.

All appears to be good worn and originally applied. (Meaning the shirt never had other previous insignia). I also see pin holes of a rank pin on each collar point.


Kind regards,

Gerd V

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I can’t see any thing wrong with it the nylon tapes came out about 1969 and there was still in use until 2000+ even the tropical combat uniforms were in use by the US Army until the early 1980 over here in Germany and some longer by some units in the states no matter if there was rip stop or poplin what ever was available or left and you could seen the jackets with the taps straight or angular.

So your Jacket fits in a time frame from the late 1960 to the mid 1980.

I hope I could help you?





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