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Vietnamese Radio. PSYOPS?

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I was looking around a website archive of The Dog Tag looking for an old item and came across the same radio being sold by him as a SOG Peanuts radio. Is $600 really what this type of radio goes for? That seems like a lot but I know people will pay crazy prices for SOG items. Also does anyone have the book he mentions that can see whats on that page? Is it a picture of this type of radio in use or something?


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I know this is an old topic but Im really curious if several hundred dollars is really what these radios go for. It seems Jason Hardy originally wanted $800 for his and was able to sell it for $600. Im just wondering because Im thinking about maybe selling or trading it in the future since its not really what I collect. If it is worth a lot, is it something worth holding on to since it will gain value?

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