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"On the field" wool slippers on m-36 suspenders


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Hello to all,


Does any one has original" field slippers" that were put under the m-36 suspenders to help support the weight ?


It was most of the time made with felt, wool or blanket (or whatever that could be taken along)


We oftenly see this system on paratroppers or long time frontline soldiers


I would like to make me a pair to cover & hide rust soilings on a pair of ww2 suspenders i have on a mannequin


I’m looking for the size and styles it was done



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RTS would possably know.


Send him a PM,if he doesnt know, he maybe can find out, and also manufacture them for you. His work is top notch,and prices very reasonable.

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If you just want to make a repro pair of these pads there is one item to look for that will be a big help. Back in the dark ages when everyone was still using manual typewritters there were heavy wool pads used to set these machines on. It kept them from sliding around on desks and also muffled the sound of the banging on the keys. I doubt if you can still buy these pads today but you might find one in an antique or second hand store fairly cheap. The material used looks exactly like the shoulder strap pads. I have one of these old pads stuck away somewhere but can't remember where. If I can ever recall where I hid it I will take a photo for you.


A similar material was used for insulation for sound in cars back in the 1950's and maybe still in the early 60's. You might find some of that in a junk yard. I'm not sure if that material is thick enough though.

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