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Biggest modern day chevrons?

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While at a thrift store today I peeked in to the sorting room and saw a couple of USMC dress uniforms hanging up, not even priced yet. After bugging three employees I finally got them to price them and I bought them.


One was something I'd never seen before: a Senior NCO evening mess uniform with insignia for Master Gunnery Sergeant, which - along with First Sgt. and Sgt Major - is an E-9 position, the highest enlisted rank.


Well these chevrons have enough patches on them to make them big pieces, but on the evening uniform (what other service might call a mess jacket) they wear what seems to be an extra-wide - an extra costly - version. One place I found sells these for $52 a pair! I don't know if these are the largest and most expensive chevrons in the US military today, but it's hard to imagine they are not.




Here's these alongside "normal" sized chevrons on the regular Marine dress blue uniforms:









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West Point Cadet chevrons are even bigger, but I sure do like the look of the big Marine stripes! I have a couple of these Staff NCO chevrons. (They are only made for Staff Sergeant and above.)

A fellow collector (and veteran), onece jokingly told me that, "if they would of let me wear stripes that big, heck I'd never got out!" :lol:




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