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“After the Battle” Magazine has always fascinated me with their current & original battlefield comparison photos. Here are a few modern photos compared to original wartime photos taken from a similar point of view at the same battlefield location. I took these during my trips to Tarawa, Iwo Jima & Normandy. I know some of you have also visited other battle sites so let’s see your “then & now” shots.


Here is the link:



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cool pic

that eastern gate in hue is preserved inside you have to pay to walk through it know

was there march just gone

keep em comeing jack

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nguoi tien su

I have finally found a photo of the Duc My Biệt-Động-Quân (Vietnamese Ranger) camp. Some US advisors were based there. After 1975, the camp has been used by the northern army, hence the changes. But this is the place !


2009 :




39 years before (VNCH book)




At the time the statue was still standing !



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