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WWI Artillery Tractor

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I attended the local military vehicle association show in Chattanooga, TN this weekend and ran across a pretty interesting vehicle.


It is a 1918 Holt Crawler (artillery tractor). This one is in pretty rough condition, but it started right up and I watched the owner drive it up on a trailer to take it back home.


Not my area of interest, but I found it fascinating to see one of these old tractors and watch it run. Maybe one day the owner will be able to complete the restoration.








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Here is a photo from a series I have that was taken at Camp McClellan. The guns are part of Battery C of the 17th Field Artillery.



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I also seen that Holt Crawler at a Military Vehicle show in Finley, OH. It was surprising just how easy the owner could hand crank it over to start. He drove it around the Fair grounds with no problem.

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Recently ran across this picture in a photo album. The photo next to it on the page is labeled "a canal near Flanders." So I assume this image was taken near there. Best ABN


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