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M-56 Belt with Davis Buckle & .45 holster.

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I picked up this belt & holster set at the flea market today, the belt has the DAVIS belt fastener, and the holster is mfg by the Hunter Corp.


the belt is made of a cotton web material with a vertical weave, and the buckle is marked "DAVIS" with patent numbers, the black leather .45 holster is made by Hunter Corp.


is this a Vietnam era pistol belt since it's made of cotton web instead of the late nylon web?


the belt is also a large size, and fits me perfect with extra room for adjustment, Im going to use this set at the range and carry my M1911A1 for protection


it only cost $8.00 for the set :D




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The vertical weave of the cotton belt does make it a second pattern M56 Individual Equipment Belt and predates the M67 pattern nylon gear. The cotton M56 gear continued to be made and issued from existing contracts even after the M67 nylon gear was introduced. Off the top of my head, I'm not sure of the Davis buckle, I mostly remember those on the M67 pattern nylon belts but there is other info somewhere on this forum about those. It is pretty easy to swap buckles out on the M56, M67, and ALICE gear when needed so it may or may not be original.


Nice deal, especially with a holster in decent shape.






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I think this is the link Mike was refering to:




The Davis style buckle was around as early as 1962 and possibly earlier. They were popular with some groups and unpopular with others so there was probably a lot of them switched around or traded with others that wanted them.




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I used to have an M56 horizontal ribbed pistol belt that had the Davis Buckle with all the right stamps marks. It was part of a '56 set I built up which included pair of ammo pouches, compass pouch, E-Tool with cover that had the bayonet tab on, mint water bottle cover with furry lining, cup and plastic bottle, butt pack, and suspender.

Shame I sold it in the 80's.

Still have the assembly instruction sheet though. Will try to find it and post it here?


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