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Estate sale find--WWI packet of air maps--dated 1916

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Picked this up at an Estate sale. It's dated 1916 and I think it's British made, but named to a US flyer, so I hope it's OK to post here.


In any regard, I'm searching for more info on Capt Garland W. Powell moreso than the packet as it's function is self-explanatory. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find out the vitals of WWI flyers? Looking for date and place of birth, Photos, stats, etc. I was able to find out he was the 22nd Aero Sq commanding officer from 21 Jan 1918 to 17 Jun 1918, but thats about all I have on him from web searches.


The maps and packet cover are made of linen and are very high quality, has anyone seen these before and if so does anyone know an approximate value?


thanks much,





CMSgt, USAF (Ret)

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Wow, very Nice! Lot of good stuff on Powell on the net. Especially his involvement in the American Legion. Assuming, this is the same guy, he was a State Senator in Maryland. Here is a little blurb on him: http://books.google.com/books?id=qqjzyyZjY...lt&resnum=2



Also here is a link for the 22nd Pursuit Squadron: http://www.gunjones.com/histUS22.html


U.S. 22nd Pursuit Squadron, Operational July 1, 1918


Commanding officers - Operatonal Period

Ray C. Bridgman, Captain 8-12-18/Armistice

Garland W. Powell, Lieutenant 1-21-18/6-17-18 at Front with RFC/RAF

George B. Gillson, Operations Officer 8-12-18/Armistice



Good luck with your search!


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Theres some good stuff about him on the net as was already stated, but you could probably also contact the Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson and see what they have on your fellow. Or you could take a trip to D.C. and hit up the National Archives which is bound to have something.....I high suggest the National Archives just because it is an experience on its own.


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thanks. Looks like it's the same guy. Lots of connections with the American Legion, maybe they would be a source of info on him as well. He also apparently wrote a book: SERVICE for God and Country. I found an online edition. First pic I'm attaching is from the Foreword of the book, second pic is his name written on the map packet. They are close, especially the W's and how he runs the names/initials together.



is it possible to find a lot at the National Archives with just a name and no service number, etc?? I guess I could try writing them until I can get up to D.C.









CMSgt, USAF (Ret)

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