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Custom Ribbon Bars--Any era!

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Very nice. Nie widać zbyt wiele Korei Service Taśmy z urządzeniem Arrowhead. : thumbsup:

[/ quote]



I know and I am very happy from this Ribbon Bar! Particulary that it has managed to buy me to Poland.

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Very nice, I wondered who won that as I was watching it myself! Good pickup.

Thanks, Schottzie! :) The only drawback is that the mini Air Medal is missing its planchet, but otherwise they're in great shape. I was really pleased with this particular purchase since I'd never been able to get a set of ribbons along with their dress miniatures before.

Jeff C.

USMF Member #2275

Ribbon Group.png

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Huh! I thought I posted these a couple minutes ago but guess I did something wrong as they did not appear. Oh, well, I'll try it again.


Here are two custom Navy ribbons. They are attached to two uniforms from the same sailor that I picked up last week. I posted pictures of the uniforms on the acquisitions section last week, including pix of the ribbons but not as close-up as these.





Semper fi; Bill


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Hi guys,


This corner is just for me.... I am mainly ribbon bars collector and hopfully I have some interesting pieces for you guys to share.


Not much now - I got my first States bars just last year but I love them all :w00t:


Here is the first one.


This one belonged to the WW2 and Korea war vet, who probably continued his service in Europe.



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One of the rarest sets what I have is the first one...


1. A high ranking officer last bar on the row- China Relief 1901, British Military Order of Bath, French legion of honor -commander


American Officers were awarded the Order of the Bath


GCB - 1

KCB - 5

CB - 44


Maybe someone here, who have right reference materials, can even help to ID the owner :think:


2. Nicaraguan campaign - 1912- Mexican campaign-1911-1913- Mexican boarder-1916-1917 old bar- the Mexican campaign ribbon a bit off color due to minor staining


3. Navy good conduct and vicory ribbon



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1. WW1 Victory, Haiti for USN or USMC - from position for 1919/20, Foreign Order (Italian St. Maurice and Lazarus?), Foreign Order (French Legion of Honor?)

2. Navy Cross, Navy Distinguished Service Medal, Philippine Campaign 1899-1906

3. US: Haiti (would have to be for 1919/20 with no WW1 Victory), 2nd Nicaragua 1926-33



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1. Navy good Conduct- WW1 missing star and Mexican service ( Pre ww1 service)

2. Old Marine bar. Probably put together in 40s?

3. Philippine Campaign, Mexican Service, ????

4. New York State awards (Mexican border, Aqueduct medal, WW1 medal)

5. And one of my favorite oldest US bar what I have!!! - Philippines 1898, War With Spain 1898, Philippine Congressional 1899+



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Capt. Duncan - Marine Exp.


Nice and interesting awards;


Ribbon with the GOLD star- missing one gold star- Cuban Purification (1906-1909), Am. Def- EAME camp.


WW1 vict. Dominican Camp. ( 1916) and 2nd Nicaraguan Camp. ( 1926-1933), last ribbon is some kind a foreign award and it is missing rosette.


If anyone can help me with the research of this set, please let me know. ;) I have very limited US reference materials and because I collect bars Globally, I am not familiar, how I can let this set researched.



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