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Help With Buck Sergeant Leather Bracelet


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I just purchased this at a yardsale today. It is made of leather and has what I believe to be a Brass Buck Sergeant Emblem mounted to the leather via two holes in the leather and then a metal carter key like fastner. The emblem measures 1-3/4" wide by 1-3/4" tall to the tallest point. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the emblem might have come off of?









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I think it's British Commonwealth. The Brits have used wrist bands for rank identification for quite some time, but all the ones I've seen before were for Warrant Officers. These were worn with short sleeve shirts as Warrant Officer Ranks were normally worn on the forearm when a coat was worn. Another thing that makes me think this is British is the cotter pin type attachment and the overall size. Also, the Brits have been known to use slightly elongated chevrons in some cases similar to American chevrons, tho mostly they use straight bars to form a V shaped chevron. They could be Canadian, Aussie or Kiwi if not strictly British.

These are just my observations and would like to hear from anyone who can confirm or otherwise positivly identify this.

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