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The new Navy Working Uniform

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How do other countries do their camo? I think the UK has the DPM for all branches. Also can somebody tell me

why on board a ship personel,other than USMC, need camo. Why does the Army need a different camo pattern

than the Marines. My opinion, all thats needed are 2 patterns for everybody, something for the sand and something

for the woods,all this other is just a way for people to make money by making others have to spend theirs. It puts

the burden on the back of the the service man/woman.


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Yeah the Navy is giving E-1 to E-6 khakis. Khaki blouse, black trousers and black garrison cover. In my NJROTC unit we're supposed to get these blue NWUs for next year. I don't particularly care for them. It's just like the Air Force with their failed blue BDUs. In my opinion the branches should just pick a camouflage and stay with it. All these changes are expensive. Just my thoughts.


Is this failed blue USAF BDU anything special? I saw a whole bunch of these being sold for US $20.00 a set new!

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You can say that again! These changes are expensive to the DoD but VERY expensive for the servicemen.

After spending a couple hundred dollars for Desert boots and desert cammies once I got to the FMF they came out with the digital pattern wich cost me an additional $775 + out of pocket after getting two pair of $150 boots 5 pair of $75 dollar cammies plus name tapes 8 point covers, boonie covers and helmet covers, all of which the soldier has to buy out of pocket. The $100 a year uniform allowance doesn't even pay for one pair of the new boots which are "unservicable" after one scuff since you can't repair or polish them.




The new Navy uniform is very cool, however, call me naive,

but the servicemen have to shell out for their own uniforms???


Actively seeking WW2, Korean War and Vietnam War era USMC items

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i went to the clothing store to help with the buying of the chiefs uniforms . he was freaked out that i would lay out the good clothing items for him that i was going to buy ...he asked me why pay for the good clothing items when we where shopping there .. i told it better to cry once when opening the wallet and pay for something then to have to open the wallet up a couple of times to replace the items in the first place the lady in the clothing store was looking at him like listen to him when it comes to buying the some of the better quality uniforms there ...for it was just over $.2200.oo dollars total when we got done with buying all the uniforms and access items he had to have for the summer and winter and it access items ..


for i bought him two of everything in the way of uniform from the khaki to navy blue to hats to ties and other things ..he was laughing for i bought him a couple of hat boxs for the stowage of the hats in them ..he told never had need a hat box before ..


i told that he wants to keep the hats looking good and clean keep them in the hat stowage boxs for the will take care of the hats and keep the dirt and grim off of them ..

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