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M17 NBC Mask and Parts


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Hi all,


during my own Time "in" i started of in NBC Defense.


I somehow got hooked by the look of the US M17 Mask Family and I kind adding the Mask and its Extras to my " Collecting List".


During my own Research i found many pages showing the mask itself but I had Trouble wit the Parts and extras..


So, for your own needs here some picture of what got


Unused M-17 A1 in plastic Hardcase,i belive they left the factory in that kind of case.



Boxed and foiled M-17A1

Note the Contract Date ! that is pretty early for an A1 !


It feels like the Mask is packed with Filters installed and a Hood attached...



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Lens Outers




On picture are clear Lenses but packing from Brown/green Lenses




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Inlet ValveDisk (box of 10)


*note: most often used masks miss the rubber Disk Part. Most likely Users of the mask dismantle the Disks to make breathing easier...hopefully only in Peace Time !





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So much for this Time,


I know I got some Green Lenses somewhere ..


Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures and they might help you.


I am buying trading for masks and parts, if you have something just PM me.

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Very nice, I like the new condition items. You have a couple of things I've never seen before too.


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Does someone know if there ever has been an M6A1 hood for the M17 gasmask?

I have an M6 hood and an M6A2 hood from the 1960´s or 1970´s.


See pictures below - the only difference I see is the zipper on the front side









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