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K.G. Luke hallmark

John Cooper

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I was looking for the right place to post these pictures so hopefully this is it. I got a complete grouping of Australian Made Insignia for a Transportation Officer in the US Army most of which is K.G. Luke but also Angus and Coote. There are a total of 15 pieces including two different Luke Officer's Cap Badges, 4 US Devices by Luke, 5 Angus and Coote Clutchback Transportation Corps Devices and 4 Pinback Millers devices.







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In reviewing all of the posts in this thread I see that it was started with the goal of confirming what would be a correct hallmark for K.G. Luke. As this group all came together from one estate and is from three different Australian Maker's I would surmise that they are all correct and not reproductions so hopefully these can serve as examples of correct hallmarks for all three of these makers.

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