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Hawley Fibre Liner vs. High Pressure Liner

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Here is a Hawley liner



This is the Chin Strap Attachment



This is the Chin Strap Buckle



This is the interior of the Hawley Liner



This is a High Pressure Liner

Note the flat Chin Strap Clip



This is the Chin Strap Attachment



This is the interior of the H.P. Liner



These are just generic photos for illustration purposes

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Curator, South Alberta Light Horse Regimental Museum

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Just a quick question, isn't there two manufacturers of the fibre liner. Hawley, and the other being the General Fibre Company, if memory serves me correct. Does anyone have a picture of a GFC fibre liner, i can't say i've ever seen one. Are they the same as the Hawley fibres', with both rayon, and the khaki version suspension?

If you can read this, thank a teacher, and, since it's in English, thank a soldier.

- Anonymous

Dedicated to the hard core.

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