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Reuniting Broken Medal Groups

Jim Baker

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I'm looking for any named medals, documents, photos, etc. for the following servicemen:


Melvin L. Handy

Clarence R. DeYoung

Niel A. Houck

Harold E. Gooding

Paul J. Hughes

Ryan Moon

Robert R. Palik

Gerald S. Sims

Albert Cowart

Thomas N. Carullo


Thanks for any help.


hello. i have the crusher cap of robert richard PALIK. Have you any information about her. i search in the net, no résult. he was pilot fighter, lt colonel and he fight in the CBI;

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Lt. Col. Charles Thomas Phillips

Looking for the Purple Heart and Air Medal awarded to Lt. Col. Charles Thomas Phillips. Col. Phillips was an Army Air Corps officer and the plane he was piloting was reported missing in Dec 1942 in North Africa. His plane and remains of crew were located in Lake Tunis, Tunisia in 2000. Col. Thomas was buried at Arlington in 2003.


I own the UDC WWI Cross of Military Service presented to then Captain Phillips.

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Seeking the posthumous medals for Captain John A. Ryan, jr. USMC. Ryan was KIA in Vietnam in October 1967. He served as the commander of Co A 1/9

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Seeking medals named/engraved to Colonel Nevin McCartney, US Army. He served in the 63rd Infantry Division in WWII, and the Ordnance Corps postwar. Awarded 7 Bronze Star Medals, three Purple Heart Medals, and two Joint Service Commendation Medals.

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Hello All - I am looking for the WW2 Navy Purple Heart to CGM John David Dion - USS Kendrick DD-612 - 02 September 1943, Oran, North Africa. I have his named Good Conduct etc. and would like to re-unit the group. pm me. George

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Hello All - I just acquired the upper complete ribbon section of a Navy Good Conduct - it has bars for 1937 and 1941 engraved to "Dennis Ledbetter". The man was born 22 May 1902. Joined the Navy 1 Aug 1923, severed until 16 Dec. 1946.






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Too Much WW1 Militaria



I'm looking for the following to put groups back together:


Silver Star/Purple Heart (most likely 1947 re-issues to Albert W. Klick 103rd INF, 26th Division.

Distinguished Service Cross (not sure of the number) to George A. Carroll 326th INF, 82nd Division.

Purple Heart to 1st LT Albert H. Hooker Jr. Chemical Warfare Service 27th Division.

Distinguished Service Cross #931 to 1st LT Charles G. Young 368th INF, 92nd Division

Silver Star to Prescott S. Tucker 4th Engineers MC


All of these are WW1 awards.





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I'm looking for Air Medals numbered:





They are all unnamed, but I traced the recipient and have his last AM.


Thanks, Randy

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Looking for the medals of Colonel Thomas L Ridge, USMC


Also, his original signed warrants, sword, and anything else of his

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I will pay your price for his PH !



I´m searching for Purple Heart of:


2/Lt. U.S.A.A.F. William L. Kiggins -- ASN. O-1692808. (31. FG / 308 FS) KIA 11.10 1944 - Czechoslovakia


He was the only one American soldier who died in Czechoslovakia in my hometown during WWII and I have also some books with his story. He was shot down during attack at train near to spot where I live.


It would be a great honor to have his Purple Heart and I´m willing to pay "ANY" reasonable price for this medal. Or I could trade it for KIA - 517PIR Purple heart etc.


I´d like to ask you if you know anybody who could have this medal. If it is not still in Kiggins family


I know that it is a really foolish to hope that somewhere here on forum somebody would have this PH but could you give me recommendation who collects USAAF Purple Heart here?


Who could help me to find it?


Thank you very much for your replies.


Yours sincerely Lubos

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Army Campaign Medals

Indian Wars No.466 to Adam Ulmer

Spanish Campaign No.2807 to Martin Kieber

Philippine No.3597 to Adam Ulmer

Philippine No.2818 to J. P. Brennan, cook, 81st CAC

Philippine No.8008 to Rasmus Rasmussen, C/3rd Cav

Army Philippine Campaign # 28457

China Campaign No. 415 to Martin Kieber

Mexican Border Service # 2384 to Clinton Pierce


Air Medal & Purple Heart - Ens. Lowell R. Brewer, USN

Purple Heart - Larry W. Stull, HM3/USN

Purple Heart - W.O. Leonard A. Booker, USMC

Treasury Silver Lifesaving - B.E. Kirwan, June 24, 1910


USN Good Conduct Medal - Charles H. Martinsen, Jr.


USN Sampson Medal - USS New Orleans - Frederick R. Hazard


Navy Philippine # 2056

Navy 1912 Nicaraguan # 23

Navy 1900 China Relief # 1120


USMC Mexican Service Medal # 682

USMC 2nd Nicaraguan MNo. 5865


Loyal Legion badge # 10856

Loyal Legion Badge # 2749

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Looking for the Purple Heart to LT Blake C. Howard (or Blake Clinton Howard). Rumor has it is either officially or unofficially engraved. It came from his estate in the St Louis area along with his Navy Commendation (located) and his Soviet medal (also unlocated).


I'd be happy to buy it for the chance to return it to his family (they aren't asking or looking for it, but I'm doing this because I think it's the right thing to do) but if the owner isn't interested in selling, I would at least like to photograph it for my upcoming book.






P.S. There are several other groups of medals floating around out there to officers and men who participated in the Murmansk Run and in anti-U-boat actions in the Atlantic as their families have been unable to locate them. Some of these men are recipients of Soviet medals, and I would like to find their groups for inclusion in the book. So if anyone has any floating around...let me know!

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