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Reuniting Broken Medal Groups

Jim Baker

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Looking for my uncle John's (tech my great uncle but we all call him uncle john) missing purple heart mentioned in this post:





Sgt John Zanassi 39031737
KIA Feb 15 1945


Would love to get this back for the Zanassi family and bring it to the Italian Cemetary to my nonna and nonno's head stone (which is also a marker for John).


Thank you!


Lisa Zanassi


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Too Much WW1 Militaria

Looking for DSC #931 and Purple Heart issued to 1st LT Charles G. Young 368th INF 92nd Division

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I am looking for the following medals to join a large group of paper work and related items:


1.) WWI Dinstinguished Service Cross and Navy Cross belonging to Edward Everette Lindgren. He was also issued a Purple Heart in 1933 and should be engraved.


2.) in the same grouping, I am also looking for an engraved Purple Heart and Marine Good Conduct medal belonging to Thedore Anderson.


Thanks, Kevin

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I am looking for a WWI Purple Heart Named to Gordon B Knowles 2nd LT E CO. 26th Inf 1st Div


I have his Silver Star #3258 and award cards for both medals and would like to reunite them, thanks!

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I am still looking for:

Army Mexican campaign No.4329 /issued to Sgt. James E.Newman.

Mexican Border Service #10261 to 1Lt York W. Brennan

Navy Mexican campaign medals #9709 and #11956

WW2 Purple Heart #95695


Any leads woujld be greatly appreciated. Thanks,Tom Nier

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Looking for Purple Heart and Silver Star named to: Edwin L. Zolinski, as well as any other related material.


Thanks, Rich

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Looking for Silver Star issued in 1944 to WWI Veteran Martin J Moran, I want to reunite it with his Purple Heart.

Martin was a First Sergeant serving with Co E, 305th Infantry, 77th Division when he was cited for valor for actions in which he was WIA.

305th Regimental history:

G.O. 14, February 12, 1919.
Moran, 1st Sgt. Martin J., 1697557, Co. E, 305th Inf.- Near St. Juvin, in the attack on Champigneulle on Nov 1, 1918, when his company came under withering machine gun fire, this sergeant with utter disregard for his personal safety, succeeded in bringing in wounded men and by his coolness and bravery inspired confidence in the men under him in spite of the most adverse conditions. Again on the 2d of November , 1918, during the capture of Champigneulle, he showed similar courage and coolness, exceptional devotion to duty and to his comrades until he was himself wounded.
Next of kin-Michael J. Cosgrove, friend 2698 Eighth Ave. New York, NY
I would like to purchase or trade for the Silver Star Medal but would consider purchase or trade to the care taker of the Silver Star Medal IOT reunite the medals.
Thanks in advance
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Hi all,


I made a list of soldiers who dies in Czechoslovakia in 1945. It is not completed cause there was about 116 KIA so I put the list here on forum and if anybody would have any medal from this list, please let me know. I´m interested in it and we can get agree on your price. Thank you very much.



Walter Burgess – + 26.4.1945 - 358th infantry , 90th infantry division


TEC 5 Paul H. Shannon - + 30.4.1945, 712th Tank Batalion, 31467359 Worcesteru , Massachusetts,


TEC 5 George F. McFarland - + 30.4.1945, 358th infanty 90. Infantry division


PFC. Philip C. Rocker - + 30.4.1945, 358th infanty 90. Infantry Division


SSGT George L. Young - + 30.4.1945, 358th infanty 90. Infantry Division


Cpl. Albert L. Ford + 30.4.1945, 358th infanty 90. Infantry Division


SGT. Walter L. Buchanan - + 30.4.1945 - 20756086, 358th infanty 90. Infantry division


PFC Alvin W. Butler – těžce zraněn 4.5.1945, 35807037,358infantry .90zh infantry division


PFC. Raymond „Gus“ Gilman – + 1.5.1945, , 358.infantry 90. infantry division


PFC. Clarence W. Clayton - + 1.5.1945,358th infantry , 90th infantry division


Sgt. Walter Mozzle „Buddy“ Basinger, + 1.5.1945- 34771140, 358th infantry , 90th infantry division


SSgt. William Q. Howell, + 1.5.1945 , 35696162, 358th infantry , 90th infantry division


PFC Alfred „Red“ Simons, + 1.5.1945, 38094633, 358th infantry , 90th infantry division


PFC Richard V. Pegg Sr., + 1.5.1945, 34948195, 358th infantry , 90th infantry division


PFC Marion L. McIlwain, + 1.5.1945, 34837344, 358th infantry , 90th infantry division





Company "I" 357th Infantry Regiment:

S Sgt John W. Garner


Pfc Arthur L. Cooperman


Pfc Raymond K.Willenborg


Pfc Jack E. Williams


Pfc Foster R. Carter


Pfc Grant W. Blair


Pvt Roy E. Morwig





Company "K"357th Infantry Regiment:


Pfc John Farkas


Pfc Lupe W. Rodrignez





Operation “Cowboy” 30.4.1945


pvt. Raymond E. Manz


TEC 5. Owen W. Sutton


TEC 4 Elmer Wirak – + 29.4.1945 – 37025251


Cpl. Leon M. Merril – + 30.4.1945 – 312177785


T/Sgt. Andy M. Kutch - + 30.4.1945 – 33146595


Pfc. Tommy Hayes - + 30.4.1945 – 15045916


Pfc. Robert a Mills - + 1.5.1945 – 12015814


S/Sgt. Raymond J. Cobiskey - + 1.5.1945 – 36359575


Sgt. Lee Gooding - + 1.5.1945 - 33933373


Lt. Joseph Droz – + 4.5.1945


Sgt. Wallace H. Gaucher Jr. - + 5.5.1945 – 31264121


Pfc. William A. Spain Jr. - + 5.5.1945 – 32299433


Pvt. Bruno C. Pioterek - + 5.5.1945 – 36910918


2Lt. Elton Barker – + 6.5.1945 – 01330895


Sgt. George Haskins - + 6.5.1945 – 33630596


Pfc. Lawrence Marshall - + 6.5.1945 – 35848737


Pvt. Louie Brescoach - + 6.5.1945 – 13042318


SSgt. Ronald A. Myers - + 6.5.1945 – 16175936


Sgt. Samuel V. Dominic - + 6.5.1945 - 15090181


TEC 5 Joseph E. Blasco


SSgt. Rex F. Brown


Pvt. Vernon R. Humphries


TEC 5. Jordon J. Urdanoff


Pvt. John G. Van Valkenberg


PFC George E. Vernon


PFC Harry V. White


Sgt. Donald H. Wright


TEC 5. Gerald T. Hughes – + 5.5.1945 - 06973892


Pfc. Elza Mosher - + 5.5.1945 - 36905652


Andy Kutch


Leon Merril


Arthur Critchlow –


Louis Skreiger – 10.5.1945 – 4th armored division


George Guise


Joe Evanech


Charles Havlat – 5th infantry division


Buttron, Ashley – + 4. – 6. 5.1945 – 90th infantry division


I will pay 500 for for any of these PHs .....Thank you





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Looking to locate anything from the following individuals.


T/Sgt. Clarence A. McCullen, 95th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force. He passed away in 1998 in Rogers, Benton county, Arkansas.


T/Sgt, Dale Paul Robinson (he sometimes used Paul Dale Robinson). 401st Bomb Group, 8th Air Force. Believed to have possibly passed away in 2015 in Albia, Iowa.





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Looking for the PH belong to PFC John Anthony Kelly, 31004360, from New Hampshire. PFC Kelly was with the 422nd IR, 2nd Battalion, Co. L.

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Trevor M. Larson

Looking for

Distinguished service cross for captain james p Growdon 4th engineers 4th infantry (I have his legion of honor and victory medal) (willing to sell to owner of the DSC)


Purple Heart for Karl Krueger wounded up in attu or kiska (I'll pay $500)


The silver star & Purple Heart of Joseph P. Prendergast KIA fishhook ridge attu (I'll pay $800+)

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Looking for Purple Heart and possible Bronze Star to PFC Daniel J. Rimoncelli, 2nd Infantry Division. Received PH for wounds received during the capture of Brest, France. I have his engraved NY State Conspicuous Service Cross awarded for same and am looking to reunite his other medals that might also be out there.

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I recent acquired the Purple Heart to PFC Donald Edward Smith, USMC he was killed in action in Korea on 21 September 1951.


I'm looking for his Purple Heart Certificate. It was originally found by a forum member in August 2008 and was probably sold around that same time frame.


Here is the original post:




Any help in locating the certificate would be greatly appreciated.


Semper Fi,

Bruce Linz

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Good evening all, I have been searching for the following medal:


1. Army Philippine Campaign Medal No.1470 to Robert H. Sillman. He was serving as a SGT. in Astor's Battery during the Span-Am War. Wounded in action at Manila, he was commissioned and was posted initially to the 15th Infantry.


He was in command of Fort Travis, Texas during WWI but was sent with the 27th Infantry to Siberia after the armistice.


He stayed in the Army until, I believe, 1932 and passed away shortly after, but before the Purple Heart was available.


He had a long and interesting career that this short posting does not do justice to!

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I,m looking for WW2 Purple heart's or any paper work ,photo's to


Marine PFC Emil R , Cigoi


Marine Raider PFC William Nelson


Marine Raider PFC Edward H, Aherns


Marine Corp Ralph Aton Randolph


Looking for DFC to 2nd Lt Richard D , Haring





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The following is a list of some broken groups I am looking to reunite. If anyone has something on this list, I would be very interested in acquiring it through purchase or trade.

Medal - Name/Other Information

WWII KIA Silver Star officially named to Vernon E. Bickley
WWII Distinguished Flying Cross numbered 4455
WWII POW Air Medal named in official format to Robert B. Finley
WWII KIA Air Medal named in official format to Allan W. Lowry
WWII KIA Air Medal named in official format to James J. Cleary Jr.
WWII KIA Bronze Star named to Esnard J. Borne
WWII KIA Purple Heart named to Charles R. Wheeler
WWI USMC Good Conduct numbered No. 25018
USN Second Nicaraguan numbered M No. 853

I'm also looking for uniforms and paper items belonging to Major General Thomas H. Green. His items were initially sold in an estate auction in Moravia, NY in November 1989. Many items, including his promotion documents and a uniform, were sold in the February 1990 Mohhawk Arms Inc. Auction.

You can contact me at fesmith68@yahoo.com or through PM.

Frank Smith

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